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This is a collection of old and new.  Higher quality shows created with ProShow Gold, indicated by:
( Watch: Presenter ), (For PC only.)
will need the Presenter plug-in from: Run ProShow on a Mac:

A Walk in the Park

2010 March 18 Park at Night
Experimental Night Shots with my new camera.
Camera: Pentax Optio P70 - 12MP

Watch: Presenter

Welcome to my Family and Friends website. (Note: For faster starting videos and reasonably priced 4x6 prints please click here).

Slideshows on this site are currently in 3 different formats: (Most have sound so don't forget to turn your speakers on.)
1. Presenter (Proshow Gold), currently has the best resolution and able to go full screen.
2. MP4 for Apple computer and Apple type devices, ex iPad, iPhone etc.
3. Flash - I will be converting these to Presenter or MP4, or both.

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Users with a Windows based Computer.

To view a slideshow in the High resolution Proshow Gold format on a Windows based computer you will need to install the Presenter plug-in.

Users with an Apple type Computer.

(Including iPad, iPhone, etc.)
You will need a player that can play MP4 files.
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